Saturday, April 7, 2012


I have been using this lovely long weekend to have a bit of fun and play around with my digital style (in between chocolate eating of course!), I thought this weeks illustration friday word 'vocal' was a good one to practice on. After many hours yesterday huffing and puffing in the face of photoshop I decided to try my luck in Corel Painter 11. I found the brushes a bit easier to use and I also liked the sponge and airbrushing options. Its pretty obvious I was inspired by Mary Blair for this one! My goal is to capture the freedom and playfulness of traditional mediums in a digital format. Let me know what you think. x


  1. Wow, I thought it was really nicely done watercolor, but great job with Corel Painter, if you are just starting with it! Not familiar with Mary Blair, but this is pretty and good idea, too! <3

  2. Nice job! Love the different patterns throughout!