Saturday, November 27, 2010

Peter Worst

Here are some initial sketches for a children's book I have written called "Peter Worst". As you can see I start off very rough in order to get my ideas down quickly. I will go back and refine the work in later stages. I am still editing the text but I have included some of the book below. I aim to illustrate peter using very loose watercolour and line work. I will post my refined roughs and technique tests soon!

Peter Worst

Peter was an average boy,
He failed most things he tried.
When he forgot to do his chores,
His favorite fish had died.

He rode his bike into the lake,
and lost his homework twice.
He could not use a knife and fork,
Although this pleased the mice!

He did not run the fastest,
or have the nicest grin.
His softball skills were sad to see,
his cooking hit the bin.