Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lou to the Rescue

Here I am working out my new dry brush meets collage technique with the lovely Life Guard Lou. I have been looking through animation books lately and watching heaps of old cartoons (purely for research purposes of course) and I absolutely love the contrast between the simple textured old school animation backgrounds (look at the Flintstones for example) and the flat colour characters. I am aiming to capture this in my illustration by using dry brush to create very simple backgrounds and collage for my foreground characters. I used contact paper in this illustration to mask out areas for painting and am honestly not sure why I never thought of this before! its fabulous! I think stocks in contact paper are about to go up people. I plan to do a series of Lou related illustrations and am currently working on his female fan club, stay tuned.

Also if you have any comments or feedback it would be more than welcome.

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  1. Love your illustrations Bec!
    Best Wishes
    john o'h